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About Positive Psychology

"Positive Psychology is the Scientific Study of  Optimal Human Functioning. It aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive"


Professor Martin Seligman. 

Founder of Positive Psychology

My Journey

When I turned 50, I kept telling my husband how great he would be as a Public Speaker and how many people he could help if he delivered messages of hope, happiness and ways to thrive! He looked at me and said:  "I believe that is YOUR dream." After some thinking, I realized that he was right. It was ME who wanted to become a Change Agent. I wanted to share the knowledge I had accumulated over 15 years, ever since I read "The Secret" and began my journey in the field of Human Development.

It took me some time to quiet the voices of my subconscious mind that screamed: "it's too late", "you are over 40!", "there is a lot of competition in the field", "who are you to teach others", "stay where you are". . . But self discovery and showering my mind with teachings from Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louis Hayes, Gaby Vargas,  Bob Proctor and Dr. Joe Dispenza (among others) allowed me to find the courage and strength to pursue my dream. Now at 52, I am doing what I am passionate about.

I encourage you to follow your DREAMS, believe that you can and go for it!

Life is a Journey

Life is a journey

and only you hold the map.

My Philosophy based on the

           PERMA-V Model

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