Meet Marisela

Public Speaker | Coach | Change Agent

Hello! I am Marisela -- a mother, wife, student of life, change catalyst and positive psychology coach. 


Choose Happiness has been my motto for as long as I can remember. Living as a global nomad in support of my husband's career, I was constantly met with the challenge of starting a new life. Every couple of years, I left my treasured friends, family and community to ​try to find my place in unfamiliar cities and countries.


In the face of these challenges, I learned to remain positive through connecting with my inner self, those close to me, my physical environment, and the universe at large. It wasn't until 2015 that I learned these practices had a name and science behind them -- Positive Psychology.

For the past five years, I've dedicated myself to understanding this discipline and applying it in my own life. I am a living testament that Positive Psychology works and happiness truly IS a choice for all of us! It vastly improved my life and I have seen it transform the mindsets of countless others. 

As a change agent, my mission is to bring the benefits of my learnings to as many people as I can. In 2019, I received my certification in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) from the Flourishing Center -- the field's leading program. Since then, I've taught this philosophy both at workshops and individual coaching sessions. Join the movement today and see how it can change YOUR life!